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An EU report shows that health care to illegal immigrants generates savings(Source: Acta Sanitaria)

The European Union has recently released the document 'Cost of health exclusion. The case of the illegal immigrants', report of its Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), demonstrating its Member States to give health care to this group of people "can generate savings”.

According to the exposes, the countries of the European Union might be able to reduce costs in health spending "if offered comprehensive care to illegal immigrants, rather than limiting them to emergency services". Thus evidenced arise by data from Germany, Greece and Sweden.

This work, which studied "two common causes of health problems in Europe, such as hypertension and pregnancy care," shows that offer comprehensive care to hypertensive immigrants "could generate savings of 9 percent in just one year". These percentages also “increase to 13 percent in five years and stabilise at 16 percent".

In reference to pregnancy care, meanwhile, analysts who conducted the document state that "in two years it could generate savings of 48 percent in Germany and Greece, and up to 69 percent in Sweden, as a result of the care that babies need who are underweight and this situation is not detected until they are born".

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