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Aim and objectives

The project MEET aims to strengthen the recognition of diversity and multiculturalism and include migration-related competences in the health care services by adapting and developing an innovative community health education model and a professional development programme for social and health service providers.

More specifically, the specific objectives of MEET project are the following:

  • Develop and apply the “Community-based Health Educator” model based on confidence-building relationship, an outreach method aiming to engage “hard-to-reach” communities such as immigrants.
  • Enhance the cultural and interpersonal competences of health and social service providers to develop health literacy skills and deliver a more effective service to immigrant users,
  • Strengthen health literacy skills among immigrant people by promoting information, guidance and access to health care services and expand intersectoral coordination in designing and developing training programmes for health professionals, in particular between health, education and social service sectors;
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