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Draft CHE CORE CURRICULUM_UPLOADED! 7 years 8 months ago #8

Dear Partners,

I have now successfully uploaded the latest versions of all the Units for Module 3_CHE CORE CURRICULUM in the e_library.

Please examine each of the Unit ASAP to see if:

1) You want any further components to be added
2) You want any Workshops, exercises, and resources to be added

I have attached with this message a Module outline file, so that you can help me to revise the CHE CORE CURRICULUM by inserting the components that you wish to add using the outline, and send this file back to me by email.

As for any extra Workshops, Exercises, Resource Sheets (to which I will refer as provided in the Support Handbook), please insert these in colour in your 'track changes versions' and upload them back onto the Forum.

I suggest that when uploading your track changes version, please use your Partner abbreviation at the end of the file_name e.g. M3U1_V3_IT, M3U1_V3_VM etc etc.

I am hoping CARDET will make available a specific folder for your versions to be uploaded in the e_Library.

If you have any queries or difficulties in reading the module units, please let me know immediately.


Lai Fong
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Draft CHE CORE CURRICULUM_UPLOADED! 7 years 8 months ago #10

Thank you for the uploads Dr. Chiu.

Just a note that partners should upload the versions with the comments in the same folder as the Unit they are reviewing. This way, all the revisions and also the FINAL VERSION will be in one place for each unit.

Great to see that this space is being useful :)


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