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Project Overview

The project MEET - Meeting the health literacy needs of immigrant populations was launched in October 2013 and it is expected to be completed by the end of September 2015. It involves partners from different starting-points on health promotion and different immigration contexts to introduce the Community Health Educator Model (CHE) awarded in 2000 by the British Ministry of Health and adopted by many health districts in the UK. The CHE is an empowering health promotion model in which members of migrant and minority ethnic communities are recruited and trained to participate in the delivery of health promotion initiatives. The main aim is to propose actions aimed at reducing inequities including targeted health promotion and best practice exchange.

Areas of work:

(1) developing the new CHE model curriculum;

(2) developing the required programme for management and staff in adult and community education and other key social and health care service providers to ensure their engagement with the delivery model proposed at management and implementation levels;

(3) developing the e-learning platform to provide the necessary online environment to support the activities of all potential end-users.

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