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Health Articles in Network

Médicos del Mundo organise a training course for immigrant women called “Training course for immigrant women as health workers” in Madrid, aimed at non-EU immigrant women. The course will start on November 24th and finish on December 16th, 2014.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Access and use of the health system in Madrid
  • Basic legal assistance
  • Child care and care for the pregnant woman, preventing accidents at home
  • Care for the elderly
  • Self-care
  • HIV / AIDS: mechanisms of transmission, prevention, treatment adherence, associations and self-help groups
  • Sexually transmitted infections: what they are, symptoms, etc.
  • The human body and birth control methods
  • Gender violence

Médicos del Mundo is an independent organisation that works to promote health care as a fundamental right of all people, especially those who live in conditions of poverty, and gender inequality, suffer social exclusion or are victims of humanitarian crises and engages in health care initiatives that serve these populations. For more information click here.

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