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More than 1,000 Immigrants report medical neglect in two years

In the past two years, the Valencian Observatory of the Universal Right to Health (Odusalud) has detected 1,004 cases of public health neglect to immigrants in Valencia. In more than half of the cases, patients were not received by a doctor and although the legislation maintains the right to a free medical care for all children, 94 of them had problems to be addressed, as denounced the entity. The average of monthly incidences has continued to grow in a context in which from the Ministry of Health prefers not to evaluate the data because, as the entity say, the health care system “does not deny assistance to any citizen."

The last report of Odusalud shows that between 2012 and 2014 the average of monthly infringements of the right to health has increased from 36 to 43 because the major activity of organizations and, according Odusalud, also due to the low diffusion and impact of the Valencian Programme in Health Protection. This programme was created by the Government in 2013 to extend the coverage to people who had lost it. The entity explains that one of the groups with the greatest problems is the Romanian citizens because although they are entitled to assistance, they have troubles obtaining the export license from the assistance right and sometimes their consultations are billed.

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