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  • Hospital La Fe develops a pioneering program to prevent alcohol and tobacco

Hospital La Fe develops a pioneering program to prevent alcohol and tobacco

Professionals of Health Department in Hospital La Fe in Valencia warn of high rates of illness from tobacco consumption and promoted in response, for 10 years, programs with a comprehensive approach to smoking from schools, and two years ago they expanded the program to alcohol consume.

“The program has a collaborative nature and seeks to recover the responsibility of social groups in the education of children”, say Dr. Josep Ferrís, oncologist at Children's Hospital La Fe and expert in Paediatric Environmental Health. “Teaching staff, patients’ associations, parents of students, health and public health workers, researchers, and students will develop and improve the various activities carried out within the program”.

Over 90% of teenagers have a negative perception of tobacco, but in the case of alcohol, this perception is much lower. According to state studies, Spanish adolescents begin in the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, on average, before the age of 14 years old. It is estimated that 82% consume alcohol and 35% tobacco, and per year 1 youngster per each 4 young people of 14 years old have got drunk at least once.

For the change of perception and reduced consumer acceptance of these legal drugs, it is essential legislative measures. In order to achieve this change, they also work with children from 7 years old and they involve their environment.

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